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Pairing Halloween Wine with Vintage Candy

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When you are dressing up for a Halloween party, what are you looking forward to the most???

The Halloween wine …

…. Or the vintage candy?

Vintage candy is old time candy

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,,, yes the candy we all loved when we were kids.

First the Halloween Wine Then Vintage Candy

Many people like to make a Halloween punch.

You will find many recipes for this, but the bottom line is that it MUST be red.

Blood red.

Photo by Farhad Ibrahimzade on Unsplash

Before we even get into the Halloween wine you should buy, consider the punch bowl.

An enormous bowl is best, and a quick search online will reveal many black cauldron bowls for your Halloween wine punch.

Of course, an empty bowl is fine too …

… but it would be good to decorate the table with things like …

Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

— — miniature pumpkins

— — Halloween eye masks

— — “Ginger dead” cookies (evil decoration)

— — Vintage Candy

Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari on Unsplash

In terms of the Halloween wine, you can choose from the fun Halloween wine themed bottles below.

You might also consider kicking these wines up a notch with spices like cinnamon sticks and all spice.

You can find many recipes with a quick search for mulled wine (they can serve it hot or cold).

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

The Devil Wines

On Halloween I love to serve wines from the “Devil” category.

Do devils drink?


The category includes some of my favorite demonic names.

And, also the places that demons like to hang out.

Concha Y Toro Casillero del Diablo (Devil’s Castle) is a good choice.

Demons tend to be on the cheap side, so these wines are a good value for the price.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

(Bet you didn’t know that about demons, did you?)

Another thing, Demons also stick to International varieties like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

You wouldn’t have figured that, would you?

I would think that for their Halloween Wine, Demons would prefer exotic wine like Bull’s Blood …

Bull’s Blood is a wine very popular in Hungary, especially during the full moon.

Demons demand texture in their Wine

Photo by Evgeniya Litovchenko on Unsplash

The few demons I’ve met are sensual types.

They like to touch and feel.

So welcome them into your home with a brand like The Velvet Devil from Charles Smith.

Yes, I know this is yet another International variety (in this case Merlot).

But the name will suit your demonic new friends.

Photo by Joel Tinner on Unsplash

Inferno Themed Wines

When they are not hanging out in saunas and steam rooms …
.…Demons really like a good inferno.

So in this case, tempt their appetite with an inferno-themed wine.

This is especially true if they are millennials.

Millennials love Apothic.

All the snobby wine magazines say the reason is because millennials like a bit of … residual sugar in their wine.

Millennials are just getting off soda, so wine with a hint of sweetness is just the thing.

This really only works if the Demon you’re inviting to your party looks young enough to be carded.

Because this Halloween wine is a red (bloody!) blend of the usual suspects (Cab, Merlot, good old Syrah) the demons will lap it up.

Oh, and another point in Apothic’s favor.

It “matures” in whiskey barrels.

So get this — when you take a sip of this wine, you are also imbibing spirits that have been trapped instaves of the whisky barrels.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

Some Phantoms and Ghosts With Your Wine

Ghosts love a delightful party!

The thing is, you might not see them.

Beckon them with Ghost Pines “winemaker’s Blend.

Ghosts really like a good Zin, and these grapes come from Lake Counties in northern California.

Phantoms will “tolerate” Zin.

I mean, they won’t through a snit fit or anything.

But they actually prefer more exotic varieties from Eastern European country.

Photo by Ashley Ibarra on Unsplash

Wicked Witches and their Halloween Wines

Aside from demons and infernos, there are the wicked witch oriented wine labels.

Witches like to hear their name …

… so they prefer the brand Witching Hour Red Blend and the Chardonnay-based Hob Nob Wicked Wine.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

“Psychic” Halloween Wines

The Divining Rod brand name does not seem frightening …

… but many psychics surveyed like the sound of this Halloween wine brand.

It’s also a red blend, so it’s color association will please many of the guests at your party.

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

The Vampire Halloween Wines

Vampires love a good red blend of Halloween Wine.

Of course, they really prefer blood,

Yet give them an excellent red wine and it may stave off their appetite for a bit.

Maybe for the duration of your party.

So your human guests won’t have to guard their necks.

Some good wine brands to consider have names like Dracula and Trueblood.

Sinister Hand Halloween Wines

Right. So just what is a “Sinister Hand?”

Of course, a demon has a sinister hand.

But what about ghouls, phantoms, and ghosts?

And what of that smokin’ hot Vampiress?

Sinister Hand is a Grenache based wine from Washington State’s Columbia Valley.

Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

Vintage Candy with Your Halloween Wine

Most ghouls, vampires, ghosts, and other sinister creatures of the night prefer red hots.

That’s right.

Red hots.

Red hots stem from the early 1930s.

They are small, cinnamon flavored candies also called cinnamon imperials.

The paranormal creatures LOVE red hots because

  • They are red
  • They are sticky. So if a ghost scoops up a handful, it can make an actual red handprint on your nice clean red wall
  • Younger ghosts and demons like to stick out their red-stained tongues at each other
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Candy Corn Vintage Halloween Candy


I had to put candy corn in this article because adults and children love them.

But in actuality, ghosts, demons, vampires and the like secretly smirk at the way full-grown adults STILL think it’s cute to bite off the 3 distinct color sections.

Devilish creatures also retain an aura of elegance.

Truth be told, they feel that candy corn, and its association with the farming community, is beneath them.

They invented candy Corns in an era when roughly half of all Americans worked on farms.

Yes, that is why in the finance industry there is always talk of “non-farm payroll.”

So that said, Candy Corn was designed to look like chicken feed.

Go figure.

The candy dates back to the 1880s.

Mortals probably ate it the same way back then, in “oreo” fashion, nibbling the various segments one at a time.

The Bottom Line

Ghosts, Ghouls, and demons EXPECT you to have a lot of vintage candy at your party.

But they only really care about your Halloween wine.

They hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

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