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Château Castigno Wine Luxury

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Wine tourism is back stronger than ever. Though many Americans see California’s Napa Valley as the ultimate experience, wine lovers should look to the South of France.The South of France Experience

The film, A Good Year, romanticized vineyards and the relaxed South of France lifestyle.

Let me tell you this: your wine trip to the South of France can be exactly like the scenes from the movie.

In my most recent visit to Assignan (in the Languedoc), I enjoyed luxurious accommodations in a delightful hotel, Château Castigno, centered in its own (renovated) ancient village.

The Castigno Village

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The Château Castigno hotel, vineyards, nearby winery, and village are the creation of Tine Claeys and Marc Verstraete.

When they first saw Château Castigno, they instantly felt that something very special had just begun.

They took over the historic estate and its vineyard, to restore it and give it back its former glory.

Not Your “Average” Wine Hotel Experience

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Though you’ll need a car (or car service) to get to the hotel based in Castigno Village, you won’t need one during your visit.

The spa, the hotel’s variety of restaurants, and more are located right in the village.

One can drive (or bicycle) to the Castigno Winery, an architectural masterpiece made from Portuguese cork.

Château Castigno: What I Liked Best

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I loved the slow, relaxed vibe of the hotel, as well as my room. It overlooked the charming swimming pool. And it was decorated like a 19th century bordello with lots of plush red velvet.

The rooms and suites are all different, but mine had the bath area on an upper level.

Breakfast at the hotel (at one of the restaurants in the village) was a gourmet delight.

The menu featured international favorites and fresh squeezed juice.

Photo by Evershot on Unsplash

Chateau Castigno Estate: Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this well-run, luxurious hotel. For good friends and couples, it allows for the opportunity to relax and unwind, all while enjoying delicious food and well-made organic wine.

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